Total newb here

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Well not completely. A long time ago my father taught me some electronics. He was a 20 year Navy vet and retired a Master Chief Radioman back in the days that transistors were uncommon and there was a tube-tester in every drug store.

Unfortunately, about all I can remember now of what he taught me is Ohm's Law and that electricity is lethal. I suppose though that those two are better remembered than forgotten.

Basically I'm here because I'm disappointed in the sound of my turntable (Rega) using my Denon receiver so I was thinking that building a phono pre-amp would be very useful and a lot of fun.

That inevitably led to the idea of a pre-amplifier and then to a power amplifier. So I seem to have lined up three projects instead of the one I started with.

I've pretty much settled on the Pass Pearl phono stage since I expect it will sound excellent and the boards and a Q pack are available from Pass Labs. The pre-amp and power amp are still up in the air though.

I have spent the last few weeks reading the forums, the ESP site, and The Art Of Electronics sometimes very late itno the night. Some of the very basic concepts are starting to become clear and if my eyes don't fall out of my head I may eventually get it.

Not the only one


You are not the only one new in this area. My backround are economics and finance. I bought some books about electronics and I am planning on building the BOZ preamplifier and the Zen or Penultimate ZEN. The forum is ecxellent and I beleive that many people will help us, even for very simple questions for them.

George Christofilopoulos
Hello to Texas!

Welcome here.

I have also a different background from electronics.
Marketing and Public Relations.
Bua as I love music and good quality audio, i start making something audible. After that, always learning and experiencing electronics.

Hello to my neighbour George Christofilopoulos. Not the same Country, but the same EURO!!!:D


Pedro Martins
Hello Greece and Portugal! Thanks for the welcome.

My background is actually chemistry and biochemistry but I moved into software development a long time ago.

I agree that there are a lot of great people here more than willing to help and answer questions. I'm looking forward to that first working project.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.