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Toroidal transformer ( custom design )

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I can sell any type of toroidal transformer ( 1 - 100 pieces ).

This is the range :

30w ; 40w ; 50w ; 63w; 80w; 100w; 120w; 150w; 200w; 250w;
300w; 350w; 400w; 450w; 500w; 630w; 750w; 800w; 1000w;
1200w; 1500w; 2000w; 2500w; 3000w; 4000w; 5000w; 7500w;

Custom design for : Primary Voltage ( Any configurations )
Secondary Voltage ( Any configurations )
Termic protection
Your name
Static shield
Audio or power supply configurations
Short delivery time 1 - 2 weeks in Europe
2 - 3 weeks World

Example 1 : Toroidal Transformer 630VA
Primary : 110/230V
Secondary 1 : 2 x 38v / 8A
secondary 2 : 2 x 16v / 0.6A
Secondary 3 : 1 x 24v / 0.1A
105 ^ celsius termic switch off

Price : 44,90 $ + Transportation cost

Example 2 : Toroidal Transformer 1000VA
Primary : 110v/120v/230V
Secondary 1 : 2 x 65V / 7,3A
Secondary 2 : 2 x 18V / 1,3A
115^celsius termic switch off

Price : 59,90 $ + Transportation cost

Example 3 : Toroidal Transformer 300VA
Primary : 110V
Secondary 1 : 2 x 18V / 8,2A
Secondary 2 : 28 V / 0.18 A

Price : 29,90 $ + Transportation cost

Quality : All this transformer are maked by a former military company ( located in Eastern Europe ) witch make toroidal transformer for radar , marine and plane like MIG29.
Same quality for domestic purpose and very low prices.

Please , tell me if is anybody interested or send me E-mail : djdan40@hotmail.com .
For Audiofreak

It is not a spam ( I hope ). You can see my all mesage in DIYaudio Forums - Solid State , about last year . "Toroidal transformer - custom design" mesage is my first offer but only in "Trading Post".

I have a small company in Turnu Severin ( Romania ) wich manufacture SR & PA equipment but this is my hobby, too.

Why do I sell this thing ? Becouse I saw many message from people wich can't find transformer for their projects, or the prices are to big.

I buy weekly from KIEV - Ucraina ( A former Soviet Republic ) toroidal transformer, with my custom design for 4 years, and I am very pleased about quality(not a single failure) and price.

This products are so cheap becouse the labour cost is in Ucraine very small , 500 - 900$ per year .

I saw transformes made by this factory (Ucraina) for many Brand Name Company from Sweden ,Germany, USA, Italy and U.K wich re-sell this products with their brand name at the huge prices. If you are interested about this subjects see :

For me it would be an advantage if I can buy more transformers and that is the reason to sell transformers to other people.

For Peter Daniel ,
Thank you for your answere ! In 2 - 3 days I will send you by E-mail some image and the shipping costs for Toronto - Canada and I will post in this forum some shipping example , too.

P.S. I hate spam, too.
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This ain't spam

I don't see why manufacturers of products that are truly of interest to DIY'ers should't advertise here, if they don't overdo it.

It's in the Trading Post, and it is focused on our needs.

Otherwise we should have a Support Forum where all the makers of PCB's transformers, etc. could post once a month.

Also the surplus places like Apex Jr. could list relevent specials

They could be limited to one post a month, and 3 lines or something.
I see no problem in a post such as this - the object of selling something in general tends to be to make money. If you're not making money, then you're giving it away, not selling it. :)

Whether a person has a registered business and is selling it or is just selling a single item he has personally should be irrelevant, as long as they're honest about it.

Besides, a service such as this is quite useful to all of us amp builders, and I personally hope to order some asap. :)
More Info [ Shipping cost ]

Shipping costs :

The price is in U.S.Dollar and represent the costs/Kg. This is the chipest way to send heavy item [ less 31 Kg ].

ARGENTINA 1,79$ / kg
AUSTRALIA 5,39$ / kg
CANADA 2,89$ / kg
DENMARK 0.99$ / kg
FRANCE 0,99$ / kg
INDIA 1,39$ / kg
ITALY 0,79$ / kg
ISRAEL 1,09$ / kg
MEXICO 1,49$ / kg
USA 2,99$ / kg

Add a few USD ( 1 - 5 $) for packing for heavy pack ( 15 - 30 Kg )

Toroidal Transformers weight / dimension [ Diameter x High ] :

150 VA 1,7 Kg 115 x 45 mm
250 VA 2,6 Kg 130 x 45 mm
400 VA 3,5 Kg 123 x 67 mm or
133 x 57 mm
630 VA 4,9 Kg 155 x 57 mm or
147 x 67 mm
800 VA 6,1 Kg 157 x 69 mm or
170 x 59 mm
1000 VA 7,2 Kg 173 x 66 mm
1200 VA 8,7 Kg 189 x 67 mm
1500 VA 10,0 kg 190 x 79 mm
2000 VA 13,0 kg 225 x 80 mm
2500 VA 16,0 kg 240 x 82 mm
3000 VA 18,0 kg 225 x 105 mm
4000 VA 23,0 kg 277 x 102 mm
5000 VA 27,0 kg 292 x 105 mm

If is anybody interested , please send me your request and in one day I will tell the price for transformer and shipping cost and payment terms.
Also, how do the various options (thermal switch, electrostatic field, number of primaries/secondaries) and the different core sizes affect the cost?

I realize this is a relatively broad question and a little unfair to ask given the wide range of options a person could want, but in general it'd be nice to know if a thermal switch would raise the cost by say, $3 on average, or whether getting a transformer with 10 secondary windings would cost ~$10 more than one with only a single secondary.

Also, do these come with a potted center hole, and/or mounting hardware?
This is a link to Romanian Post prices list for international shipping.
The currency is 1 $ = 33100 Lei.
Sorry( shame on us ) but is only in Romanian language.


I don't know why is shipping so cheap to mexico/latin america but I think becouse the internal shipping rate for this country is very cheap in contrast with reach country . For Canada you will pay 60% for delivery to your address, and 40% for Romania - Canada.

Yes , if you buy something with weight less 1 Kg you will pay 3 $.

Most delivery it will maked with Romanian Airway ( TAROM ) .

If i had a partner in Canada or USA for distribute this transformer it would be cheaper becouse I will can send the transformers in better way. The payment it would be more faster and safer.


Mounting Hardware : Add : For 5 - 100VA 1$
For 100 - 1000VA 2$
For 1000 - 5000VA 4$ or custom design ( no more 10 $ ).

Thermal switch is 0,15$.

The prices are for specific example . For every aditional secondary add 5% . For every electrostatic field add 3%.

I want to tell to all DiY - ers a big secret.
At this prices ( very,very low ) buy transformers all the major amplifier manufacturers from Eastern Europe or Eastern Asia.

I will put in 2 days more informations :
Prices List , Image etc.

Toroidal Transformers is just a part :
I hope this is not spam : I make an amplifier with TDA7294 in bridge mode wich delivery 150W / 8 ohm with 0.5% THD at +/- 28V , and i can sell this module with 19$. ( 2 module = 0,5Kg )
Picture of my amplifier


  • 150w 8 ohm bridge amp with tda7294.jpg
    150w 8 ohm bridge amp with tda7294.jpg
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The prices are quite fair - for smaller transformers it looks like it will be cheaper than plitron, even for me being a resident of Canada.

For 600-1500VA, it'll probably be a wash - slightly cheaper than plitron, but more expensive for me for shipping becuase I'm in canada already.

djdan also has the capability to get transformers up to 5000VA too, which is nice.

He also has a shorter lead time and more options than plitron's standard designs. Overall, I think I'll buy from djdan if it's 20-300va, plitron from 300-1500va, and djdan from 2000va and up. :)

your mileage may vary, of course.
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