Toroidal help

Hi all
Received my gigaworx dac a few days ago, have got the the one with a Toroidal transformer. all fitted into a case and is great ! now the but, I can't get it to work
The transformer has 2 ,110v primaries and I need to put them into series to give me 220v, my transformer has 2 black and 2 red wires for the inputs which makes things confusing, the one time i did get the dac working, I had a huge amount of buzzing and the transformer got hot really quickly. could someone show me what to do ? As swear I'm right but I must be missing something.
What I did was find the ends of each windings and wire the negative of one to the positive of the other, then connected the remaining wires ,the black to the negative on an IEC mains socket and the red to the positive ?? Am I right ??


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It seems logical to be that way - based on the picture for 110V system. One would assume that the windings are to be connected color-to-color. This would make the connection for 220V as you described.
But... depending of the country you live, you might have 240V at the socket.

Did you get any documentation with that? Also... it might be just a bad transformer.


2005-03-10 11:57 pm
110v ---- Red to Red and Black to Black Parallel connection
220v ---- Red to live , Black to Red , Black to common Series connection
But make sure you are actually using both windings in the series connection NOT connecting one winding across the mains and shorting the other winding. This would cause overheating and buzzing.