topping tp21 + 2x 88db speakers enough?


2010-10-11 1:34 am
If I use nothing else but the AMP and the it enough to produce I don't know much about how much power is required for a given volume that's why i ask you

speakers are energy rc-10s with 88db sensitivity and 8 ohms
the topping tp21 is supposedly 0.1%THD @ 7W 8ohms...

opinions welcome
very new to this


2003-11-26 6:33 pm
I have a set of RC10s and the Topping TP30, which has the lower power TA2024. The TP30 is 10W/ch versus the TP21s 14W/ch. In my room of 18ftx13ft, the TP30 has no problem what so ever at normal listen levels. 10W/ch is quite loud. Don't expect to crank it up to room shaking levels.
BTW, my TP30 sounds fantastic with the RC10s. :D


2010-10-11 1:34 am
Sound increases with 3dB each time you double the effect.

So one 88dB speaker becomes 91dB when you have two speakers running with the same effect in the same room (double the effect).

2 watts into both speakers give you 94 dB
4 watts give you 97 dB
8 watts give you 100 dB etc

To compare sound levels to real life scenarios you can click this nifty chart.

Decibel Level Comparison Chart
that watt - db info helped a lot

thank you all for the information. i am going to get this - it seems to be the best pre-made amp for the price....