Tool for adjusting pickup


the alignment tool looks fine to me. It does not have all fancy option other complex templates have, but it will do the job fine, provided the tonearm has the correct offset angle for its effective length.
Zero radii are properly chosen. Probably from the Baerwald/Löfgren data.

one problem: how to cut the hole for the platter spindle and not cut it too small, too big, too excentric? A hard task w/o fancy optical and mechanical aids.

My work-around for this problem: Radius of the platter spindle is 3.6mm. Lets assume we use a bit more stiff and heavy-weight paper.
Please use a scalpel and make a vertical straight cut in 3.6 mm distance from the center haircross in 03:00 position. Then make a horizontal straight cut in 3.6 mm distance from the center haircross in 06:00 position. Cuts should intersect. Now u can carefully round-bend a dog-ear upwards. Do not bend the dog-ear sharply.
The dog ear will act as a spring pushing the spindle against the straight edges, allowing no play and not clamping the template as a too small circular hole would do. Important for my next hint, as the template has to rotate freely on the platter.

I use to take a thin needle and pierce a small hole exactly where the zero radii are. The stylus snaps inot those holes and i can feel safe the stylus remains on the template where it shall remain. Particular with tonearms having a linearly moveable base (SME, Graham, Pluto), this is extremly convenient for overhang adjustment. One moves the arm base, then the stylus makes the template rotate (the stylus shall pull, not push, to avoid error in adjustment)
Evident the template must not exert any mentionable force on the stylus/cantilever.

Could u please contact Stefan Lindström and direct him to thos post, maybe he finds my hints useful and decides to modify his template accordingly :)