TL design for FE206E with AJ-Horn v5

After deciding to build a TL for FE127E, FE166E, FE206E models, now it is time for me to design an enclosure for FE206Es.

I have been examining the enclosures that were built for those drivers and I found some of them to be large or hard to build. Therefore I am thinking of a smaller enclosure at first place. Secondly, since I do my woodwork myself, I decided to keep it as simple as it can be.

After receiving my AJ-Horn v5, I have found out that there are many new knobs to play with. I have to say that I am very much pleased to find a helmholtz resonator model attachable to the rear chamber. The absence of it in the previous version gave me real hard times. It was not easy to tune an helmholtz resonator inside Singular, I have designed for my AER MK1s.

Now the FE206Es look like they have a balanced tonality without disturbing peaks. I haven't, yet, received them from Madisound therefore I haven't mesured their T/S parameters. Looking at those from factory data sheets show that they have a low Qe. This will make things harder for me but I have to know some limits first.

As for a floor-stander, I would like to make a list. I would like to know how tall is "tall", how wide is "wide" and how deep is "deep". For some, 1 meter can be tall or some may regard 1.5 meters as tall. I would like to make a list of those and chose my dimensions among those for my new enclosure, if I can. I thank in advance to the contributers. To preserve the bandwith please use my email address which is; [email protected]