Tips for Dayton 2 way?

Building a pair real soon (ordering the drivers tomorrow, xover parts next week). Using the Dayton 6-1/2" and 1-1/8" silk dome, ala BR-1, SO1, Dayton 2way... etc.

The box is already built. It is .356cuft. or for you lazy people, that's 10.1 liters. I didn't build the box, it is from some older speakers. Just going to cut bigger holes and add these Dayton's.

Just wondering any thoughts or last minute things I should think about now? It's going to be sealed. The midbass specs are looking for a slightly smaller sealed box, but I think it will be fine with this size, maybe lower the boxQ to something more musical and even add some low extension. XO looks to be good around 2250Hz according to other designs, but I'm going to experiment a bit to find a nice spot in this box.

So any tips for me? Anything I should order that I might not have thought of? Some polyfill just in case? Thanks for any help.



2002-09-04 11:43 am
It is always tricky to fit other drivers in your old enclosure, so it's just trial and error. It can improve the sound or more easily degrade the sound if it isn't a good match. I would try the new drivers in your old enclosure and make another enclosure if the result isn't as good as expected.