Tips for 6-source input-selector?

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This is my first post.
I recently built a LM3886 amplifier and wanna add an input selector (6 sources at least).
I haven´t researched alot but am interested in a solution without switches,relays.(for example mos switches 4066?)
Does anyone know good schematic,link where i can get a good working circuit for that.
It should have either up/down-switch to go through the sources or one switch for each source.
The quality should be "hifi" as well.
thanks in anticipation for any hints
You could have a look at the Analogue Devices SSM2160 which gives switching for six channels plus digitally controled volume and balance or if you only want the switching you could use a couple of SSM2404 quad audio switches. Similar devices are available from National Semiconductor and other ic manufacturers, though AD products are noted for their superior sound quality.
WHAT is a Selector

JoeBob said:
Curious, why would a 4x6 rotary switch be any better then a 2x6 rotary if you're only doing two channels?
I built my own input.
I am a man - No Monkee

Pre amp have only one channel.
I use High Quality Audio Signal Cable (see brand elsewhere)
So I Change My source by Changing
The Input of my cable to
any Source

-:p I want to LISTEN - yes, LISTEN - to. :p-

So your term Selector needs a little more

but what would anyone know
With a 4x6 rotary switch you can also connect and disconnect the grounds of every signal so you can avoid ground looping of the sources, or you can also control balanced signals if there are any.

On my preamp I have a 4x3 switch because I use to allways get shocked when touching the metal boxes due to high voltage of the chassis of the TV or video. Does anybody know this feeling from connecting unconnecting SAT receiver, TV or Video ?
It sucks.
5 in 1 out


When I made my switch box I bought a switch from DACT that I found it is excellent, the problem here is missing 1 input in your case.

Audio Input Selector Switch
CT3 is a high quality Audio Input Selector
It is based on the same high precision, Swiss
made switching mechanism as the DACT CT1
and CT2 audio attenuators.
CT3 is a non-shorting type of switch making
sure neither of the input sources will be shortcircuiting
each other when the switch is
CT3 switches two channels simultaneously. For
both channels, it switches signal AND ground.
This is an effective way to minimize the risk of
creating ground loops.
- Input selector in Do-It-Yourself Hi-Fi / audio
- Input selector switch in active or passive
- Selector switch in professional audio
- Switch for long lifetime applications
- Test equipment selector switch
- 4-pole switch (switches signal and ground on
two channels simultaneously)
- Gold plated contacts for long lifetime even in
hot and humid environments
- High reliability
- Matches perfectly with DACT CT1 and CT2
audio attenuators
- “Programmable” for 1 to 5 postions

Very compact 5-positions audio input selector switch (switches between up to 5 input sources)

Switches 2 channels with signal and ground simultaneously (4 poles)

All contacts are gold plated for long lifetime even in hot and humid environments

Same basic construction and size as the DACT CT1 and CT2 audio attenuators

Ideal together with DACT CT1 or CT2 for active or passive preamplifiers

The silver thing is my switch box next to the DIP upsampler, total cost of material is around $200 cdn. Anyone want to guess what the case is?


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I try to avoid selector switches in my main system. After all, it's a reference system and I'm using only one (the best) source. So no need for switching. I believe that even the best switch, has some influence on sound and can degrade it in some extend. Little inconvenience is a small price to pay for quality (whenever I have to switch sources I just switch cables);)

Even my new preamp will have only one input (RCA and balanced) and no switch.

Previously, I was usually using multiple relays to do switching (both signal and ground).


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