Tinnitus... anyone else got it?

It’s all good.
I have no stake in any belief.

I am just saying there is maybe more to it than “I listened to loud music and now I have tinnitus”.
I do have a science background, but I admit there is enough anecdotal evidence to warrant researching if there is more at play.

I have no clue what could have caused an increase in tinnitus in recent years.
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I have tinnitus, a higher frequency hiss. Primary cause a antiaircraft 40mm canon firing while i was a few meters next to it during my training as gun commander some 46 years ago. Also quite some loss of hearing.

I have phonak lyrics now and the tinnitus is significantly reduced.
And i hear better of course.
Maybe the generation growing with Walkman and headphone just got to the age you cannot do if it wasn't here?
And as we were the first gen living with something pluged in our ears i can't wait too see milenials starting to complain.

Puffin, have you blood pressure issue? I know it is one of the factor making them more noticable ( like missing sleep).
Yes, I am on meds for high BP. I didn't know that this affected the level of tinitus. Thanks for that.