Timeframe for Aleph boards from Pass Labs?

Prior to me adding my name to the group of folks doing the bulk purchase of Aleph 4 boards, I was wondering if Pass Labs is going to be offering boards in the near-term?

Not to dissuade anyone from the bulk order, but I would much rather support Pass if at all possible...

Any info would be great!


It is unlikely that www.passdiy.com will be offering Aleph boards (at all and certainly not in the near future) so if your interested, go with the current bulk purchase.

Quote from www.passdiy.com

Can I order PCBs for older projects?

The short answer - NO. The long answer is still probably not, we will provide circuit boards only if we go back and revise these projects.


2002-03-12 7:46 am
I took the meaning that passdiy would not offer PCBs of the older projects that appeared in TAA/audio electronics/audio Xpess. They would only offer new boards if some kind of revision (that if someone at passdiy would have time) to what is sold at the aX web site.

Nelson Pass

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2001-03-29 12:38 am
We will eventually get around to offering something,
but if you have an opportunity to get something now,
go ahead. The layout of the Aleph is pretty uncritical,
and I doubt that a layout from me personally would
bring much more to the table.

More likely, a usable Aleph front end will result from
the ongoing Zen Variations. The Penultimate Zen will
have a board in part 4, and passdiy will make that


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2002-01-21 2:42 pm
near Atlanta, GA
Make sure if you want one the list that you e-mail me at gte619j@prism.gatech.edu with the subject "Aleph pcb boards"

and please include your contact information.

I am working on the gerber layout now. Please look at my preliminary pcb layout at the end of the thread.

If all goes well, I will finalize the order by the beginning of next week and get the pricing decided on the number of people who want the board.

If all goes well, we should have boards in a 2 - 3 weeks.