Thrust pads


2012-12-28 11:09 pm
Hi to all. Since my last thread involving wow & flutter, the problem got progressively worse until I noticed my platter was spinning with a very, very slight wobble & the speed variations were clearly visible on a strobe.

I at first thought is was the motor that came with the turntable so I proceeded to brake that!!! I thought hard about the possible cause & decided it had to be the teflon thrust pad that had worn slightly off center. I blame this on the Alphason stand the turntable sat on for its first 3 weeks that is supposed to take an 80kg TV but sagged under my 20kg turntable & 15pre amp!!!

This is an FFYX TD11 turntable & I knew I would have to fiddle to get it to play at its best But removing the 7mm thick teflon thrust pad & replacing it with one 2.5mm brass disc, a 3mm layer of neoprene, another brass disc & topped off with a thin layer of PTFE has put this thing into another league & I used to own Michel Gyrodec!!! The platter was initially free spinning but never for very long & I can only blame the soft teflon coupled with a 7kg platter had made a ball impression that was acting as a break caused by its weight, rather than a flywheel effect.

I've attached the results of some tests someone did in a very long thread about thrust pads & wanted to ask the question here, has anyone thought of acrylic or polycarbonate as thrust pads? I know acrylic is pretty hard & wondered if anyone had tried it.

I've bought an origin live on ebay, which I should get early next week, but just to try this I dismantled a very small Chinese geared motor & attached it to my motor pod. I've run it with a multi voltage adaptor at 4.5 volts. Varying the belt tension speeds & slows it down & I managed to get 33 rpm & it's been playing with no speed variation at all but with some motor rumble.

If anyone wants a lot of turntable for not very much money, I'd recommend one of these, as long as you're prepared to put some effort in to get it singing like I have.
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