threshold T200


2009-10-16 11:40 am
Hi, I have a T200 threshold and I am updating it with all the new trainers.
I have checked all the components and the surprise when I turn it on is that in the right channel at the exit the DC is 270mv
and in the left channel 8.75volts and do not regulate the bias, always checking it with a lamp in series in AC.
I've checked everything and I don't see anything wrong in a vacuum. They could help me.


2005-09-30 2:41 pm
This is what I was told by an ex Threshold tech. DC offset should be less then 50mV and the bias should be 10-11 mV as measured across the .01ohm resistor on the power supply PCB

Looking the rear:

Left side: bias on top, offset on the bottom

Right side: offset on the top, bias on the bottom


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