Threshold FET Ten E Series Version?

I found this information on the Internet about 5 versions of FET TEN 'e' Series preamps.
Is this correct (Wayne?):
For reference, the variants of the FET-10E are listed below:
  • FET10 E -T special end of model, super version with hand selected and tightly matched parts, upgraded power supply, heavier gauge power supply cord, unique control knobs, ... .
  • FET10 E v4 - most highly evolved FET10 E production series with DC servo pot, polystyrene stacked film bypass, metal military package input FETs, etc.
  • FET10 E v3 - Same as V4 without the metal, military package FETs.
  • FET10 E v2 - Same as V3 without the DC servo pot.
  • FET10 E v1 - Lacks DC servo pot, polystyrene bypass caps, etc.

My unit inside:


Any idea which version I have if these versions exist?

Is it possible that the Noble Black pots (used for Volume and Balance) can get dirty and scratch a bit?


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The pots can get noisy but a little deoxit will fix that. Based on the capacitors that is towards the end of production or the electrolytics have been replaced.
Fixed thanks!
Wayne, how would you rate the T2 (I assume you codesigned/developed it with Mike Bladelius also at the time you still worked for Threshold) against the FET TEN 'e' series? It got some good reviews (Stereophile) but support could be a problem because Nelson was already gone for 4 years or so.
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I couldn’t really compare the sound since I never actually listened to a T2. I designed the volume control and did the software on that one. Mike B and Mike J did the analog design and layout. Mike‘s wife Minja helped on some of the digital/fpga design.