Thorens question

I have a chance to make an offer on one or both of a pair of Thorens turntables. One is a TD165 and the other is a TD166 mkII. There are issues with both, ie. missing belt but the motor turns, missing power lead so can't be tested, broken hinge on cover, etc. But nothing major is missing. I used to have a TD112 back in the day and liked it a lot but I have no idea how good these later ones are. There are one or two heavily modded and restored examples asking top end money on the net but I'm certainly not in that spending level.

What would you offer? And would it really be worth time and effort to do them up?
Thank you for your input. I suppose I could slip the belt off the other one to give it a test. A belt is likely to cost under €10 so not a big factor. So if both motors are running an offer of €100 for the pair would be reasonable given the "potential" quality of these tables. If I take both and there was something seriously broken it looks like I could rob parts off the other to make a go of it.