Thorens 124 MK1 vs MK11

A TD124 is on its way to me. Like many of you, look forward to getting back to vinyl.
Anyone know the relative merits of the MK1 and MK11? Elsewhere, the MK1 is said to have an inferior motor with rumble problems but heavier platter and substructure than the MK11 whereas others have said the motors are the same. Anyone have experience with this?
Brian Cherry ;)

I had both in the last 15 years and I wasn't happy with my various TD124-2, I always considered the speed stability and feet-tapping factor poor. I much preferred the Garrard 401. Now, when I got TD124-1, the picture changed, while it didn't cure the rumble of the -2, it offered a better speed stability and much more fun to listen to. Today I have one in my second system, and a spare one, too.

Hartmut, playing with Pluto and Scheu turntables in my main system