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Thinking About Tubelab Simple PP

I am thinking of building a Tubelab PP to complete the line up (2 SSE and 2 TSE). I have a spare power transformer, Hammond 370hx @ 550VCT. I am looking at the version using EL84s. Is my power tranny adequate? Hom many watts is the output of Tubelab PP? OPT will be Electraprints. Thanks. Godspeed.
The 370HX should work fine. Your B+ will probably come in a bit lower than what George suggests, but that will allow you to run the New Sensor EL84 (Russian 6P14P) variants. I can only use JJ tubes in mine. The reduced load might actually result in reasonable operating temps in that Hammond.

Power output will be on the order of 20W for pentode mode, but you'll probably want to run UL. George recommends around 7.6k primary impedance on the OPTs.