thiel small testing software?


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2004-10-07 6:05 am
thiel small testing HARDWARE

I have not used any of these- so let me give you my advice! ;)

A number of people I know and have spoken to very much like the Parts Express model. Seems to be easy and fast to use, gives good results.

They probably all work about the same

I will have one of the P.E. type soon, will post my impressions here.


2007-08-02 12:32 pm
Thanks panomaniac!
I hv old model ( dos based) from Parts express.
Is it worth or better to buy new version instead to get better results.
I hv to use the old version on one special pc with win98.
New one i can use on winxp as it is windows based.
Further the usb connection box is very small to carry anywhere.