Thiel CS3.0 Woofer options


2016-05-03 1:11 am
I have a request to Thiel, but I am looking for a replacement woofer for my CS 3.0's. And i suppose if it isnt original, two replacement woofers so they match. Has anyone replaced the original vifa's with something else? I'm new to this whole game, so far I have done a pretty mediocre job at re-doing the crossovers in a pair of AR4's.

Also, has anyone ever put any level of protection circuit into Thiels before.

I know two other CS 3.0 owners. One has done both tweeters and both woofers. One has done one woofer and one tweeter. One set is way over-powered w Bryston monoblocks. The other is slightly underpowered w a small Carver. Mine are used (I hope appropriately) w a Harman Citation 22.

I love the speakers and the voicing/midrange, I dislike the ability to destroy the drivers so easily.


2013-05-10 4:11 pm
Have you looked at the driver itself? It may be labelled.

While I share your concern for protecting your speakers, it's not the first thing I think of adding except for professional use.

What exactly is wrong with the woofers? If you have a single bad woofer, you can take it out and have it measured to find a reasonable replacement. AFAIK Thiel relied on low order crossovers, so getting as close to perfect matching there is important.

Not sure if this helps, but Madisound has recommendations for the Thiel 3.7 here, but you may be able to find it's replacment among the many 10" woofer here. Check out the Seas Prestige in particular.