these worth effort/expense?

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The subs were only $5 each. The two cabs were free (boston acoustics T830) and relatively solid with effective bracing (see picture). I used them full range until the woofers blew. Bass was kinda nice for cheap speakers though. I have two of these JBL's that were intended for bass reflex in mobile audio. The cabs are CB acoustic suspension, the subs might be better suited for bass reflex but Im urged to try them closed first. Bad idea?..what would be the best approach here? I dont have any projects going and the light bulb went on, so I figure why not tinker with these. The only other expense would be a small class D amplifier or A/B (I already have a mini DSP handy).

Ill cover the front with a sheet of .75 MDF as well to fill holes and minimize ugly. The extra integrity cant hurt either.


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I went against the norm and didnt measure first I just eye balled and figured Ill try it with intentions of tuning them with blocks and more or less stuffing later. I set the one in the rooms sweet spot and wired it up to a very old 100w Canadian made plate that spits and pops when its powered off/on, but works great while its running. Set xover point at 60, one of three settings. There are no annoying bass humps or voids and in fact Im kinda pleased and surprised how good it sounds and virtually disappears with my full size 3 way mains going. Im still going to check and play with cab volume if need be. As it is I could live with it and Im curious to see how the pair sound. I have m&ks and rythmic and a bunch of other good and bad subs and a pretty good grasp of what sounds good. I would chalk this one up to fluke :eek:


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I will find accurate numbers when it do the other later today. And a pine box for the amp. I ordered two new output caps, not expensive and I think they will pay off for sound also might stop the popping. I may be further off on the original stated. But around the braces I seem to remember some exrea panels sanwiched in there. Even if I get some more subwoofers I think I can turn these into something nice with natural grains and and footed anchors.

When caps discharge after power up is there any risk of damaging your speakers there?
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I went against the norm and didnt measure first I just eye balled and figured Ill try it with intentions of tuning them with blocks and more or less stuffing later.

OK, I've no doubt it's smooth as only a ~1 ft^3 cab is all that's needed to tune it to a maximally flat vented alignment down to Fs, but it would be nice to know the cab's net volume to see what its approximate sealed Qtc is.

Thanks for commenting. Ill stoll plan to get to those. Im squeezing time in between to work them and still focusing on getting the bigger stuff out of the way. Altering size should take a lot less time.

Its turned into a cool little project. Im applying some more tls on them and found some other trick stuff to use on this system. Im going to beef up wiring as well the stock stuff is puny. I have 2 choices to hook them up, parallel or in series. The plate seemed to be handling 2 ohms pretty well and not getting hot in the meantime. I think it has just enough juice to rock these enough in both configurations I will try in series first. an amp with eq bass boost might be an option later.

I may round them over and treat with the dark black bed liner if its not flat enough for my taste Ill go over with paint. I got trick ideas for the bases too. thy will look good some decent #2 light coloured natural veneer though, two good choices.


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Thanks; yeah, I like to re-purpose/optimize existing stuff as much as practical too.


Yea I had all the stuff laying around, and a 4x8 of mdf, everything there so. The speakers have been kicking around for about 4-5 years. To be honest I wasnt knowing what to expect out of them and was even doubting a little, and plus being car audio speakers I wasnt sure that to expect that way too. I heard good and bad, but never quite understood some of it, as in some sounded un truth. After I got the first one test worthy and heard it I wanted to do a better job with them.

After I got the second done and wired them in together, biiig difference, I love em they pound, and heavy. I can hear the bass pressure in walls, not shaking and vibration its more like pressure sound when it hits good and hard while playing bass heavy trance, in the walls. Its sounding tight and clear. But not clear enough some other sometimes, but not often. They certainly could use some tuning up though. I love sealed subs. They need more work but there showing good potential.

Still need to be glued, and ran out of screws. A gasket couldn't hurt too. Or maybe Ill just seal em up nice and leave em ugly, just sand them. I just got them done, and played about 20 minues. Now I feel like hammering on them a little to test em more, but I cant the others are home now, that sucks lol.

I shrunk the picture more appropriately, not quite enough Ill try that again, thats terrible pic btw.


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I have a box for that amp peeking down there. Ill make a picture sometime, perhaps someone knows the make. Its no name but a little brute. It says only Made In Canada and other things all over it. Its going for 2-3 hours 2ohms. 2x4ohm 2-1.5 ohms? The fins are always luke temperature to touch. I might be falling in very deep like with these ''bass towers", bass module sounds better maybe. Subs always sound great over in this corner. Im of adjacent side out of it. bass surrounds you here. I tried it different everywhere else sounds bad, length or other.


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I got this mamoth recent. What kind of program is good for testing?

Before paint the backing wall had big foam, now it sounds unnecessary. But im thinking its the style of music, very clean bass. I had certain idea to put vinyl, flag shape rectangles. How much is this to cover? I can not put an image, its being serviced currently.
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