"The Wire AMP" Class A/AB Power Amplifier based on the LME49830 with Lateral Mosfets

the IC is a very nice circuit, unfortunately the LME is obsolete since not so long time :( seems that TI wanted to sell more of their own class D solutions instead of the old school class AB circuit... i designed an amplifier with the LME which is going 6 times in a dsp based 6 channel active speaker system :) but with my own pcb layout. good that i have saved some spare parts when i designed them 3 years ago...
HI, thank you for your kind reply

The power requirements for the transformer is dependent on your final design. 25 watt output 100 watt output 150 watt output, mono, stereo, 5 channel? 4 ohm 8ohm?
I used a transformer from an old Kenwood stereo amplifier.

yes ok
but I'm interested know how much current (LM49830) use the integrated for work???
something like ( drive current, 56mA ) for work +/- at 62Vdc:confused:

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3U and 4 channels can work perfectly:

4 x 190W@8R, about 250 - 300 mA bias total per channel. 3 Pair IRFP240/9240 per channel.

2 of 4 channel can deliver the 190W continuous without heat problems.
Maybe you need 5U cooling if you plan to deliver all 4 channels full power continuous.

BR, Toni
Hi Toni, I have finished your SA2012 power amp using your pcb boards and I have a question please.
I am using +- 74Vdc lines, if biasing the fets using a 1.0 ohm resistor in series to the rails what is the desirable voltage drop across it?