the ultimative bass & base test

I like it and not only as a bass test!
My ultimate bass test is "Kromestar: They're just dreams". Your neighbors will hate it.
Seymour's "Empty streets" isn't bad either.

"Location Earth" is a good starting point, then we have something in common. I hope for you that it isn't the part of the Earth that is presently more water than earth.
Thanks for the good reference.
Beyonce - Yonce sweeps down to 30hz
Kanye West - Monster rarefies the air in such a way it feels like a slight breeze or draft is in the room. I would be surprised if he even knew that was happening.
Pink Floyd - Time 5.1 SACD. at times the bass moves the hair on ones arms.
Billie Eilish - Different tracks. The bass sometimes has a deliberate distortion that's hard to take at first or ever but it shakes the whole house. I think its designed that way.

paradise circus --- you my friend are a connoisseur

An exaggeration... but thanks! It seems that bass is perceived in a different way depended on the audio system and especially speakers. It makes sense. Here's another one that feels very punchy in my system

Lhasa - My name: YouTube

And for the days, Peter Gabriel - Passion: YouTube

especially #9. "Troubled" and #19. "Disturbed"
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While speaking of Massive Attack 'MEZZANINE' & '100TH WINDOW' are loaded with deep bass and busy arrangements ( the duo of electronic and 5string on Angel if you hear them clearly is a good indication you have 'good' sub rendering').
Great to test your system.

This one is interesting too:

This too for the 'quality' of the bass ( this stand for most 'Chain reaction' productions Porter Rick's 'biokinetik' first):


If you can wistand it this is a good torture test ( as most albums produced by the guy since 'gyral'):
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and then of course there's Eprom's Honey Badger:


with thanks to member Snakeoilphile who mentioned this in an older thread on bass testing...

My main system is down for tweaking so I've only got the headphone amp + phones - will be interesting to listen to some of these when I get the speakers powered up again.
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