The Ultimate Tweak

George Noory's guest last night said he had hundreds of emails following a previous Coast to Coast appearance, from people whose homes were suspected of directed energy bombardment. This family is only really unusual in that their case somehow made the media pay attention. They said the shielding has allowed their symptoms to improve.

I wonder why they don't line the INSIDE of their house. Surely it would be possible... anyhow, apparently they have had 'this problem' for a while now... I would have done some serious investigating and litigating as required until the radiation stopped, if my family started getting lupus etc.



diyAudio Moderator Emeritus
2002-10-24 10:19 pm
If all the aluminum is at least hooked together, they've got a Faraday cage. Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to work on lasers; I tried it, and those mind control lasers from the CIA and the Freemasons keeps getting through anyway.

However my lawyers have advised me to not make any public comments and to have someone come haul away that klystron I have hooked up in the garage (no more rotisserie chicken for a while).

There's a Kenny Rogers joke in there somewhere.
slowmotion said:
What do they do when they leave the house,
do they wear aluminum clothes?

Yes, and aluminum foil hats

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