The ultimate mixing desk - ?

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Over the last year or so I have trawled the internet and this site comes up so often with great ideas, information, just generally good stuff. So I thought I would join and see if anyone would like to contribute / thoughts / suggestions / observations and so on to what we are about to do...

I designed the BrikWorm which you can read about here ( and am in the process of designing the obvious next step, the mixing desk.

As someone who is keen on protecting this planet of ours I don't want to get into the madness of making something which will be out of date next week so the basic idea is to have a mixing engine which is a DSP based Brik, TMS320 6 series which run at around 5400 MIPs. This would do the processing but what would the ideal processing be?

Outboard to the engine would be 'work surfaces' which can be selected for the person / venue / whatever. For example, if you are an analog person then an analog looking work surface would be for you. Of course one can add channels as required, just grab some more work surface. I hope there will be lots of ideas about this part of it.

One of the interesting things which comes from using these really fast DSPs is that they do fourier transforms in their sleep, so it would be easy to have spectrum analysis instead of or in addition to VU meters. Of course if one has spectrum analysis then the next step might be to have grabbable 'string' which one can pull to whatever shape instead of parametric EQ, using a touch screen as the input device. A similar sort of thing could be applied to compressors etc.

I read an interesting thread here about upgrading a system in a school and there were lots of useful comments about how students would be best tought, so I guess the basic idea is to make it all intuitive.

OK, ball rolling, over to you . . . . .
Old topic new ideas?

Thought I would open this one up again sorry if it has been covered.
I am new to this forum and just recently started several DIY semi pro audio projects.
I am very intrigued by the Brikworm and your post. My dream desk would be an integration of the Brikworm and "SAC" by RML Labs. A virtual console the can be run remotely via wireless network and a laptop. For those who insist on real faders, an external control surace can be hooked up to the remote or the host or both.
Is it possible to control the trim via a host computer on stage, i.e. software based program? Complete FOH control wireless? Or am I Chasing a pipe dream. Forgive me if I seem too newb for this forum but I am trying to learn as much as possible.
Thank you imix500, I realize many manufacturers have a remote version of their consoles, but 1; you still have a large desk somewhere and 2; it is not very DIY. I was thinking a rack mount 4u host computer with multiple sound cards connected to multiple A/D/D/A converters like Behringers ADA800 via toslink. No desk. Does anyone make a stand alone converter like the ADA8000 or similar with software based gain control.
A computer and several converters are easier to lug around than a large expensive desk.
If an amp with onboard DSP can be controlled with a computer almost to no end, then why can't the same thing be said for a A/D converter?
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