the size of bose cubes....ideas


2006-07-05 1:18 pm
i want to make 5 surround speakers similar in size to the bose cubes. not doubled up ones just as big as a single cube.
i have looked at all the tangband speakers and im thinking of commiting to them.
Just after any ideas, suggestions plans etc. As long as i get down to about 140hz or under i will be pleased.
Most of the 2" & 3" drivers i have tested/viewed seem to have an adequate response in relation to midrange-highrange so literally anything will make me happy.

Any help appreciated. Thanks.


2006-05-19 4:16 pm
Aurasound NSW2.

You may have to raise your crossover requirement into the 200s range though. And use a higher order. Distortion climbs drastically below 600Hz and is ridiculous at 100Hz.

It's favorably reviewed by Linkwitz in his Pluto application... can't be all that bad for a "jewel cube" solution.

You could even run it as a dipole since it's open-backed. It does have a lot of excursion (6mm) for a tiny driver.