The return of the cone tweeter

No, it looks like a cone driver with a fabric dustcap and BS-infused marketing.
Yeah it's kind-of like calling 99% of woofers "single motor isobaric" to 'reboot' the tired old spider suspension.

Calling it a mechanical crossover seems a bit of a stretch. So you've got 2 surfaces working in parallel attached to the same driving force. That would be like 2 speakers in parallel, with no filters.

The soft dust cap does seem interesting though. What are the alternatives? Hard dome ringing, or a phase plug that either loses air pressure or connects a second surround directly to the voice coil.
Thiel had a very similar driver in the 2.4SE, and there was a stiff surround between the cap and cone. Yes, it is a mechanical xover. As frequencies increase, the cone emanation will move more central in the circular diaphragm, as lower moves outward towards the edge. This is no different than dome tweeters emitting 18kHz from the peak of the dome.

Not sure I would still call it a coaxial, but I get where the designers are coming from.
Pairing mine with the Kartesian SUB120 in a project called Anomalies. There will be a thread started on the project upon completion.
To whet the appetites....


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