The President's System

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After the TV programs on the federal channels Runet overflew photos informal breakfast Dmitry Medvedev and Vladimir Putin in the presidential residence in Gorki-9. "Tandem" modest breakfast - bread and milk. But in some pictures guarantor of the Constitution proudly posed on a background stand with audio equipment. Fan of Apple products and nanotechnology was a lover of the sacramental "warm tube sound": his collection was a place and reel tape recorder and turntable, and speakers for $ 75,000. Meticulous bloggers, audiophiles have identified components of the "reelection kit, estimated it at $ 200,000. Annual income of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev is 67 thousand euros.

Russian bloggers turned out to be quite a few photographs to identify a presidential audiophile, do not hesitate to lay out a set of equipment up to 200 thousand dollars. In a report to the President breakfast and prime minister in Medvedev's residence Gorki-9, has attracted the attention of bloggers unusual audio. Audiophiles have compared images and information in directories of various companies, having ascertained that the place of honor at the president stands Player Vinyl Avid Acutus Reference SP with the power supply. In Russia, a unit sold for $ 31.000.

In the executive collection was reel tape recorder Technics RS-1500US, taken from the production, which is only sold in used form for $ 2000-3000. With Auto Reverse, 3-speed, 3-Motor. Ststemy age - roughly 10-12 years. It has been suggested that the system is designed for listening to recordings from the archives of the KGB file listening (pictured below).

On the second shelf to the left, the president is PSU player Avid worth 320-350 thousand, right - the phono stage with its power supply Avid HiFi Pulsar Phono Stage for 220-240 rubles (pictured below).

On the third shelf - CD player Naim CDX2. Has three versions, outwardly indistinguishable. If this base modification, it is worth 200-220 thousand rubles if CDX2.1 - it rose by 50 percent if CDX2.2 - rose by 100 percent. Age of the system - from 2 to 5 years old (pictured below).

Hit collection was listed speaker Daniel Hertz: M1 speakers (worth 75 thousand dollars from a Swiss manufacturer), mono power amplifiers M5 TELIKOS (4 blocks of 5-6 thousand dollars), pre-M6 (7-8 thousand dollars). The latest system, was presented a year ago (pictured below).

Also, bloggers have been identified, some varieties of cables and connectors, part of which is worth up to $ 3000 apiece. Part of the equipment could not be determined, but the main components has been estimated that a set of "pulls" $ 200 thousand dollars. Its cost can be twice as low - if the equipment was bought at the "secondary market", he writes, "the investigation» davnym-davno. Which is unlikely, given the status of the owner and the fact that much of the technology - the undoubted novelty. "As I said the expert, with whom I spoke to an emotional set, but nothing special in it, in Russia there are kits and more abruptly, and expensive, and most importantly better sounding. True, it should be noted that if the president decides to sell is this set (if this is his personal property, not government), we get for him is three times larger (after all of the equipment room of the President), and for that money can buy SUPPORTING expensive and sophisticated "- ironically yarosh.

Meanwhile, the annual income of President Medvedev is the strength of half the cost of equipment - 67,000 euros. "At breakfast saved", - states bloggers, nodding at the photo, where the president and prime feeding rye bread.

- That is, even the highest entity of the State Demonstration and does not want to live on one salary! And he's "Deep Purple" to the entire volume of the cut in? - If Putin is not against - it just sometimes cut one. ) To full volume I think he is not allowed yet ...», - commented on the blog chibis.
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The president's propensity to "warm tube sound" has found more support among the male population Runet than the love of a guarantor to the "iPhone". "For the second time this week Medved Respect calls. Soon, unwittingly going to support it ... Pts cool technology, good-naturedly jealous that someone enjoys ...». "Oh cool! But Medvedev is a good judge in such devaysa. Unless, of course, selection of equipment did not make "staff" ... but it's unlikely ... too painful to all of collection and collected outside the box .. the taste of one person. Knows the same sense! ". True, some evil bloggers argue that since the president responding identified similarities anal fixation citizens. "Very modestly. But it is clear that not bums. Multi-channel sound does not indulge. Audiostenu not erect. Then, the president did not promise in the campaign, the music will listen to the Sonata-214 ", - notices" moderate. "
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This was a good occasion to understand a little bit how the structure of russian language is compared to the english language.

aside from that the president seems to have a very exotic system.

Was that a backhanded way of saying that the above is almost unreadable?

BUT, a sexy looking system to be sure. I wonder if he put that together, or if it was put together for him.
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