The Pass Pub: The High-End Off Topic Thread

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Thanks for the link, there are a lot of interesting audio recordings here. There was a time when I refused to listen to YouTube videos because of the sound quality. Nowadays, I say more and more that the sound quality is secondary, the music is the first. And when it's accompanied by a video of my favorites, that's great. I think Sarah Jarosz is a national treasure of the USA. I would go on, she is the treasure of all mankind. I remember Soundhappy drawing my attention to her music, as well as Aoife O'Donovan's. How many miracles can there be that man does not know.
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^ I've always loved Emmylou Harris. I had never seen her perform with Sheryl Crow. Wonderful stuff. Thanks for posting.

Some earlier Emmylou with one of my favorite bands / Little Feat... and as bonus; Bonnie Raitt too. Might be my favorite episode of a show from when I was younger; Burt Surgarman's Midnight Special.

Be still, my heart.