The Pass Pub: The High-End Off Topic Thread

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Hey there, all you Pass Amp building dudes. Well, all others too 🙂

This is far beyond cool. Beautiful. Musical. Titanic. Very Happy and deeply sad. And Music!

The sound quality of this is recording and transfer from video to the Tube is extremely bad. But it still somehow sounds lovely🙂

And still, very very much cooler than cool, beautiful, and beyond all musical: Tony Joe White, a true hidden diamond, sadly no longer with us, with comments in the video from nothing less than the absolute king of kings when it comes to the guitar: Mark Knopfler.


Vangelis. Rest in peace❤️

I fully agree with this:

”Charles de Lauzirika, who produced the 1982 film, said: "His music, not just in Blade Runner, was otherworldly in beautiful and haunting ways I lack the words to describe.”

”He created lush dream states I still love getting lost in.”

Well, in my opinion this is one of the absolutely most powerful, beautiful, sad and glad, stunningly cool pieces of audio you could ever find. In all of the known universe.

So. Truely Enjoy🤗