The N channel amp

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The n-channel design should have no trouble handling supply rails as high as +-95 volts. The only thing that needs to be checked is the thermal stability of the o/p stage and perhaps a small heatsink on the pre-regulator ccT for the bias control...
The other thing would be the use of more powerful devices if 4 Ohm loads are to be used at higher power levels around 300 watts or higher...
Advanced Power Technology or APT make most excellent devices with case power dissapation as high as 500 watts..

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BTW:Remember to match the Mosfets..



2001-11-02 8:14 pm
Hi everyone. First post here...

I also was intrigued by this particular Mosfet amp. A while back I did a quasi-comp. N-FET amp using some IRFP-254's I had lying around, but elected to use a PNP stage on the low-side FETs, as per "standard" quasi design. Does anyone have any comments on the use of a phase-spltter as shown in Anthony's circuit?