The Loudspeaker Design Cookbook

Here is what is in the book. Leadbelly, you may recognize THIS as well :)

According to the Foreword, the 6 th Edition contains:

a completely new TL sectiion,

a discussion of curvilinear vents,

Earl Geddes' Acoustic Lever Design, (I'm looking forward to getting to know that one),

an explication of high frequency woofer design showing the effects of dustcaps, surrounds, and motor design,

a tutorial on low frequency design dealing with plates, magnets, voice coil parts, surrounds, etc instead of just parameters,

a tutorial on midrange bandpass and tweeter high pass attenuation circuits

a look at loudspeaker CAD software including a section on room design software and analyzers

a discussion of dipole versus direct radiator surrounds

a discussion of the new rear channel surround system Surround EX Dolby 6.1

new ideas for achieving better speaker imaging in the car

chapter 12 is sort of a cut down version of the Loudspeaker Recipes book

Apparently the Fifth Edition had improvements over the Fourth Edition, which had improvements over the Third Edition, etc.

I don't know if your edition had these, but it also deals with Augmented Passive Radiator, (very interesting) and Rear Vented Bandpass Enclosures.