The Left-overs

Had a few good drivers & cabs left over from other projects, decided to put them together;
Drivers: Wavecor 6.25" woofer in 30L tuned to ~ 50Hz for an F3 of ~44, crossed over 1st order to a Vifa TG9 at 800Hz (Baffle step freq due to small mid/high box),
& topped off with a SEAS 22TFF @ 4KHz (2nd order, inverse).
1st listening impression: remarkably big & clear sound, I even impressed myself! Better than my usual voicing & all out of my parts stash..


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Re:"Got any measurements?" - not yet, I've got 6 systems in my listening room, getting a bit crowded. I'm waiting for the weather to improve so I can drag them outside & do a shootout, including FR measurements, although I might get to a Q&D pink noise measurement inside beforehand.
Starting to like Glass Fibre Cone mids, used a few recently (TG9, Dayton PC105, LG & Samsung roadkill drivers) and I like what I hear


2002-01-07 6:02 pm
It's great when a plan comes together. Some of my best results have been when I throw together what I have just because and it works great. Some of the best meals I've ever had have been the same, sort of like stone soup without the famine.

I'm waiting for the weather
Dunno what part of the city you're in, but it was nice here today and the ever reliable BOM says it's gonna be nice until maybe Sunday arvo.