"The J'OB.". baffled...

Baffles are cut for my experimental all Jaycar, all open baffle (hence J'OB).. seen lying here testing the driver fitting.

Mids are Jaycar Response 6", tweeter is Response 1"
Bass drivers are some very used Jaycar 15" PA drivers. I have had these unused for a few years now, and this seemed a way to try and use them.

The mids will have a slight U-frame, and the Bass will angled forward for balance, and have wings attached somehow to widen the baffle.
I will design it in such a way that I can convert to a vented cabinet if necessary.

For those interested in the round-overs, they are 42mm solid timber moldings (wallet says ouch!)

Brett said:
I misread the first part, and thought you'd named you speakers after a former Qld Premier.

Where did you get the mouldings? I've been looking for some, even MDF.

Good old Jo.. nah.. I don't think so :D

Local timberyard Wes Hughes stocks the moldings.
They have a spindle mill and will do special orders at even bigger radii.
PeteMcK said:
Nice work, as always (loved the 'Rocket'), What xover freqs & slopes are you using?

(I think Aus projects using local versions of the 'Parts express' & 'Madisound' cheapo drivers are a good idea, not everyone can access/afford/appreciate Scandinavian or other esoteric drivers...)

Pete McK

Thanks Pete. :)

The Rocket uses a linked 1st order series crossover, at about 200 and 2200, same as "Blackwood", The design sorta sets those points for you. I guess this one will be similar but a bit higher on the tweeter, it isn't a TDFC !.

Actually , I find the bass from the Jaycar 10" and 8" to be VERY good. The 6" doesn't have a bad midrange either !
If my info is correct they have been discontinued, but there are still quite a lot left at the moment.

Vague rumours of a new range of Jaycar drivers at some stage. Guess we will find out at some stage in the future !


2006-08-01 1:35 pm
Hi guys, Happy NY!

G'Day Andy,
I'm having trouble keeping up with so many frequent designs! The pace is amazing! Ditto re Rocket, and Sauron, Juke , Gumby .....etc

"I will design it in such a way that I can convert to a vented cabinet if necessary."..... Oh NO! haha, buy 2 more woofers?

I thought the rounded over baffle for the woofer looked kinda narrow? I have no idea of course, then I read about the 'wings'... I guess I'll just be patient and see how it unfolds.

OT...Santa was mean , no 4X Eminence Alpha 15's and 2X Scan D3806/8200 :xeye: haha