The HDS-XLS speaker KIT from and WES componets - Need some advise


2005-05-25 3:25 pm
Anywhere I got them, it seems to have latest Peerles/VIFA HD woofers/tweeters listed on d-s-t. So I thought it can't be too bad and
the price is low.

However I am a real NOOB in the audio/visual department.
Tried bi-wiring them...

Using Harman Kardon AVR-630

First I just wanted to hear some sound from the speakers, I hooked up one big floor stander into FL 'Front Left'. I removed the golden plates, bi-wired them using an OFHC cable and attached gold banna plugs from Dick Smith to the ends of the 4x copper conductor thick joined cord. 1 Banna plug per 2 cables for one polarity '+' and another banna plug for the other 2 cables '-'.

Hooked up my DVD player via optical SPDIF to the Digital-in optical of the receiver. It only played in Vid 4/ Optical input setting ? All the rest just said DVD/analog CD/Analog.. wouldn't play.... And played horribly I turned the volume upto -90db and even to +10db max etc. and the sound was completely not loud and flat. There was no bass/dynamic in the sound, sounded like mono.

Anywhere I think I need to set some sort of SPL setting for the speakers and other stuff etc. I am really confused. I plugged another speaker into 'FR' and then only it worked with the other speaker not making sound at all. So only one speaker could work at a time,that's if the other was unplugged.

suggestions ?

Anyone herd these speakers ? HDS455/HDS255

You think the speakers are bad or did I get something seriously wrong ? IE> wiring or AVR settings for SPL/resistance etc.


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2002-12-22 2:13 am
Calgary, Alberta
Why are your receiver settings coming into the fray? Did you buy a new receiver at the same time you tried the assembled speakers.

You need to troubleshoot and learn to take baby steps. :) If you had your receiver and old speakers working fine, then substitute 1 new speaker into that setup. Forget biwiring for now. Make small changes at a time so you can find where the problem is.