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The 1967 Chrysler 300 -- with the 440 cu inch "TNT Magnum" package -- only thing missing is my pop's cigarette. Family, mom dad and six kids headed to church one Sunday morning:


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That looks like a render to me... are you pulling our legs KaffiMann? What Hyudai has that amount of torque!!


Well, I managed to get one of the Project 45 versions of the Ioniq 5.
Yesterday I did some testing, the tires have a lot of grip. 20" rims with 255/45 tires.

The colour is called "Gravity gold", it really does change colour a bit from perspective and weather and such. Sort of a matte silver with a golden tint to it.


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Yes, I think it is.
A heavy car, and quite big. I thought it would be smaller.

Even the rear seats are adjustable with switches and motors, heat in rear seats as is the modern standard, front seats are ofcourse vented. HUD that seemingly floats in the windshield to show where you're going, speed and speed limit etc. Voice commands that actually work, remote parking (Can actually stand outside the car and do it).
Never had so much space inside a car before, plenty of leg room no matter where you choose to sit.

The future is here.
Seems to be some backtracking on autonomous vehicles too.. I think a level of realisation that most of the world isn't made of nice roads...

Many tractor-trailers in the US now have an aerofoil under the trailer -- not just to improve aerodynamics but to also alert the Tesla LIDAR -- a couple of the early fatalities were "decapitations" under the carriage of a trailer!

Hydrogen makes sense, green hydrogen can not likely to become economic but gray hydrogen with carbon sequestration works.

FT today has an article on the economics of EV's.