The best Mosfet for the ZOZ ?



I have not used those devices. If they sound good to you they are OK. In my present amp I use 2SK1058s. These are intended to be audio amps. NOTE: (1) the source and drain pins are reversed relative to the irf series and, (2) the tab is connected to the source. Each of my amps are actually two Zen amps bridged and fed with signals 180 degrees out of phase. I do not use resistors in series with the sources (the sources are connected to the negative rail) so both FETs can be mounted to the same heatsink without insulating pads. Not using these pads roughly doubles the thermal conductivity between the device and the heatsink.

Previously I have built Zen amps using other irf series FETs. I think my present amp sounds better, but I do not know if that is due to the different FETs or the balanced circuit. If you try the '1058s in your amp let us know what you think. That would be a better comparison than the one I mentioned above.

Happy listening!