The best med to use with Visaton MHT-12

What about visaton TI 100?
Now that´s sounds like a good candidate.
Probably one of Visatons most delicate combinations.
I do believe there are already designs with those; just forgot where.
Will get back.

The AL200 and the seas driver would be more like the bass drivers in a 3-way so you´d still need a midrange.

Post your request at the Visaton forums.
Most members will happily reply in english.


Edit: just recently listened to it on a hifi-show and already forgot. Oh my... :
You can of course built little 2-ways as well if you prefer it smaller and add a sub later if needed.

I use the MHT12 in combination with two TI100's (not the M-version). My woofers are Monacor SPH165CP (two).
The 5 units together are my center-speaker.

There are a few designs with the TI100 and the MHT12 together.
- Topas:
- Topas center:
- Topas signature:
- Visaton VOX 253 MTI:

Grtz, Joris