The Best coupling cap..THEL??

Looking to replace my VTV Ultratone silverfoil coupling caps in my AN DAC. Ran into THEL Glimmer.X (see Glimmer-Kondensatoren 0,1µ - 6,8µF) The theory behind them looks pretty OK, I know someone using them as couplin cap in AN P4 amps (300B parallel) who seems to be very impressed with them. Strawling around on the internet didn't bring me further a lot, so let's see if someone here has any experience with these large mica caps..(need 0.47u, fairly large dimension wise!)

If you are running modern pop CDs into your DAC you'll get a nice shock if you have a look at the waveform stored on that CD.

When you've picked yourself off the floor and try to get the clipped, compressed, brick-like images out of your mind you then need to address the clipping and overload characteristic of your DAC first, because this is the main sonic signature you will be listening to.

As for coupling caps I think polypropylene or russian teflon bypassed with silver mica are pretty much the best you'll get. Cost and branding is irrelevant - materials and construction is king so mil-spec russian tends to do well for me.

A further improvement will be wrought from allowing the capacitor to do less work, which means increasing the impedance it drives: an easier thing to do with tube amps than solid state.

BTW: You can buy 7.5nF silver mica from russia quite cheaply if the THEL prices are too high.
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