The A4 monitor, best mini monitor?

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Hello all,

After searching for a very good full range mini monitor for do it yourself, I came on the scan speak A4 monitor.
Now I'm planning to build the A4 monitor which uses scan speak drivers.

But after searching over the net I 've found that there are two versions of the A4.
The first version is the version from Electuur Dec 1999 which use the drivers:
Bass 15W8530K00
High D2904/9800
It is a 8 ohm version with specification from 40 to 22Khz see:

The new version of the A4 monitor use the following drivers:
Bass 15W4531/G00
High D2905/9700
It is a 4 ohm version see

Doe anyone know the difference in sound between the old and the neuw version??

The specification of the new version are also 40 to 22Khz, but the tweeter D2905/9700 goes to 30Khz. Is this a type error? Or are there done unsufficient measurements on the new version?

Is there also a new 8 ohm version?

Hello Kurt,

I had the same question, and called audio components in holland (where i live). The answer i got was "that some people heard that the original 2904-9800 tweeter sounds like a metal-dome (little harsh, on the bright side) and asked for a soft-dome-design (filterdesign)". The developer himself assured me that "people couldn't hear it at all in case of the scan speak metal dome". And " The 9800 is still one of the worlds best dome-tweeters!" It makes him a little bit smiling of the prejudgement of people towards metal-dome's. "But hey", he says,"if that is what customer wants, thats what they get!" so he dveloped a soft-dome version. You can imagine that he would have used that in the first place when he designed the A4, if that tweet would've sound better than the metal-dome.

I know that the A4 monitor by many (proffesional) people called "the best MINI-monitor of the world".

Greetz Wowly
I dont think I have ever seen one person say that the scan metal dome sounds metallic. Infact quite the opposite, they all comment on how un metallic it sounds!

I dont think you have to worry about this.

Build which one you feel confortable with, I use the 97 and could not be more pleased with them, they sound great.
Many thanks for the answers.
I like to build the 8 ohm version because I can put my center speaker in parallel so I become 4 ohm.
When i build the 4 ohm then the can not connect the center speaker because the parallel resistance will be to low for my amplifier.

I don't think that there is a 8 ohm version which used the D2905/9700 tweeter. Am I right?

Kind regards;)
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