Thanks for your help with my LM3886

Keith Cary

2013-01-22 8:05 pm
I have my LM3886 going right now, built on boards I bought on ebay along with a couple of toroidal transformers, but without any printed info. I built it into a Dyna ST120 chassis I had laying around with a burnt transformer. I have a huge finned heat sink in there. No noise, no hum, little heat. It seems less midrangy than my old hummy Dyna ST70 that I have been using. It's driving a pair of old 16 ohm JBL LE8T drivers in boxes that are too small, near field, just above my desk. Even with the 16 ohm drivers there is plenty of power, at least for my uses. Speaker protection is by back to back 6800 uF caps. Preamp is a Dyna PAS. I read many many of your posts with great interest. Thank you all. --- I have enough parts for another amp and the next one is going into a non-working Altec chassis that'll be out in my shop.