TH-18 subs with USB upper bass


2011-05-05 1:30 am
Looking for something new to build for a secondary rig.
I've never heard the sound from a tapped horn before but very interested in making some.

The TH-18 Xoc1 design, has got the nod so far for sub, and going purely on stacking dimensions,
2x TH-18 standing side by side are spot on for width with Davey T's USB for kick/upper bass.

Firstly has anyone combined these two cabs in a 2-way bass setup?
What are the best woofers to load the TH-18's with?
What other options are there for upper bass?

Will most probably run 2x12" BR mids and 2" or 1.4" comps.
I have one tapped horn, it's design came from the single sheet tapped horn thread on here. Its a very smooth sound. I also use 2 dual 10" folded horns in my setup for 35-160 Hz, those are as loud as a single 21". I once played around with an 18" horn, its was a monster. I personally love horns.

Actually, I just designed a mid/top horn, it's a 12"/ 1" comp 2-way enclosure. This MT-112 will get 50Hz-20kHz. I'm in the process of building it this weekend. If you're interested in the design, I will be releasing it after I'm done building the two enclosures. It looks like the width of Xoc1's TH-18 is ~24" which is the same as my MT-112 enclosure, so it will fit flush on top.

Heres a Link, and render of the MT-112 (I don't have the HF Horn rendered on here)