What do you cut yours with to make a clean edge for roller bits to ride smoothly along?

The only bit option I had has a 3mm roller. When I cut mdf with my jigsaw its hardly left with a smooth edge. By the time I clean it up by sanding its otherwise useless to me since my aim is laminating six 3/4" plys together to build up thickness.

I guess I could cut my pieces larger then sand them down to size, or sand after I laminate my pieces. That seems like alor more sanding than I signed on for lol. There has to be a better way.
Cutting 3mm mdf with a jigsaw isn't as smooth to run the roller on. When a router base won't allow it do get in to cut the tight small curves. Otherwise I'd try router with a basic cutter bit. What other options are there was my question.
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Hi ... I can't guide you in this but when I use my CNC mill to cut materials (also wood) if I set the speeds correctly the edges are virtually clean. One thought here: tool maker companies often have specific tools (e.g. saw blades) that are designed for specific materials and thus cut optimally in these materials. Also, these companies often have specialists knowing "exactly" how to work with a specific material to obtain best results. Maybe it would be an idea to contact with one of these companies ... ? Just a thought ...

Cheers, Jesper
I have a voltage regulator.

Slower tends to make jigsaws grab even more on the upstroke. They rely partly on momentum on the upswing. So more prone to grab at slow speeds.

Along with even slightly bad blade choice.

Tomorrow ill get a higher count wood blade and a hack blade for metal. I'll try the latter first, thats what my monies on.
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