Tell me where to get transistors

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I am building a Leach Doubble Barreled amp, and i need to get hold of the transistors and such to it.

Can you guys so kindly help me find a supplier that has theese devices and to a fair price.

I guess ill have to buy 100pc of MPS8099 or MPSA06 to find a matching pair, but other than that i would like to buy just what i need and preferably not 100 of thoose..


12pcs - MPS8099 or MPSA06
10pcs - MPS8599 or MPSA56
4pcs 2N3439
4pcs 2N5415
2pcs - MJE15030
2pcs - MJE15031
4pcs - MJ15003
4pcs - MJ15004


4pcs 1N4934 fast recovery rectifier
8pcs 1N5250B 20 volt zener diode

Can you guys point me in the direction of som suppliers please?

Best Regards/ Mathias has in sweden MSPA06 npn and MPSA56 pnp for 2-3 kr.
they also have a direct ship policy, for SEK 200 per order you can have anything in US stock in 3 or 4 days. This is their "direct ship" arrangement. I use their US affiliate a lot, When you use them, check pa lager only (in stock I think, or maybe in the lake according to Mckays dict.) set Vceo to 80 min 140 max, set package to TO18, TO39, TO92 only. Their voltage coding is hit and miss on NPN vs PNP, so sometimes you get hits for pnp when you set the voltages plus. sometimes minus. Minus vceo voltage is supposed to get pnp parts. I'll let you look up the others. I bought MJE15030-31 from their USA warehouse last year. MJ15003-4 you'll pay a premium for; I would look at using MJL21193-4-5-6 if your circuit can stand the faster parts without oscillating. Their US warehouse stocks extensive TO220 inventory, TO3 inventory, TO92 inventory, not much TO126, just a few pricey TO5's.
On the zener I would put in the voltage and wattage you need and see what matches you get. Sometimes they have the 1n parts, sometimes the BC*** parts. DO41 is one 2 lead package, you'll have to wade through the SOT parts once to figure out the package code on the other leaded parts, then resort to exclude SOT. You may have to look up the specs on your parts to find matches, I use a lot.
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