Tektronix 2236 Switch contacts

I ran this on the Yahoo Tech site but no answer. I have a 2236 that the switches on the CTM (counter/timer/multimeter) are not working corrctly due to lack of use. They need to be cleaned and also the time base. I have read that some contact cleaners will melt the plastic on these older switches. I was wondering if DeToxIt would work and which version would be best to use as they have a few versions of the chemical. There must be somthing best suited for this application.The service manual said to use water and then bake the time base switch in oven, then lube it with "No Noise" but the "No Noise" product is no where to be found. I would hate to go through the trouble of dismounting the switch and wash it with water just to find it still has an issue. Anyone that has a idea what would be the best to use that wound NOT melt the plastic or contaminate the boards.