Techniques SL-230 rewire

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I recently picked up my first turntable, a SL-230 that was in very good condition. I started looking around in it and decided that I wanted to rewire it. I had a length of Canare Star Quad L-4E6S cable left over and decided to use that with some audioquest rca ends I had. After looking at the inside it seemed the wires came through the tone arm and then were soldered to a board that then outputted 5 wires, one of which was the ground cable that came out. The other 4 were for the rca's. They were labeled as R and L with each having a + and a -. I thought this would be simple enough, so I unsoldered the original cables and put the canares on. I have it all hooked up now and there is an audible hum or his at all times that grows louder as in increase the volume. I am in no ways an audio expert so I consulted my Electrical Engineer roommate and he had a look at it but was unsure why it would be happening either. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm not opposed to rewiring the tone arm either if that is what’s doing this; I guess I just need to be pointed in the right direction.
you may have Broken / disconnected the tonearm ground (usually black)

if you have a multimeter set it to continuity and touch the red multimeter cable to the inside of the tonarm and touch the black multimeter lead on the black tonearm wire on the inside of the player where the tonearm cables are soldered to the board, touching these places at the same time should make the multimeter beep if the ground is working.....if it dousnt beep then your ground is broken.........

to fix it you need to thread another cable into the tonearm and solder it to the inside of the tonearm and then solder then other end to where that black cable is connected to the board.....

this isnt an easy job unless you are good at diy so dont attempt any more than checking the ground with a multimeter if your not confident ! one **** up and you can throw it all away :bawling:

good luck !
i fixed it, i ended up replacing the starquad wire with some lv77s coax and it sounds fine now oddly. though i'd still love to rewire the actuall tonearm i'm finding it very hard to find an affordable option. does anyone know of any? only thing i've really seen is that incognito kit? which is WAY more money than i wanna spend
incognito kit? which is WAY more money

That's the whole purpose of kits, isn't it? Just buy some Cardas AWG 33, the same as the Incognito. Partsconnexion sell Cardas with a screen. If you remove the screen of the portion passing through the armtube and preserve it outside you'll be able to use a continuous length of wire from headshell to RCA. Don't forget to upgrade the headshell wires and clips as well.
once the wires come out of my tonearm, there are 5 of them, and they hook up on this board that basiaclly then goes to the coax i'm using to output it. would i still need to use this board or can i do away with it? Would i need to terminate the screen of the cardas in any way?
The fifth wire is attached to the arm body/headshell. Ideally it should be left in place and connected to the screen of the Cardas. If this is not possible the screen must be connected somewhere on the arm with a separate wire. There is absolutely no need to retain the board.
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