technique or tool to strip 32 awg internal tonearm wire


2006-06-01 8:05 pm
How does one strip such fine wire reliably?

Working with Cardas 32awg wire.

My wire stripper does not go down that small.

Strip one and somehow get it to the correct length,
now move on to the next wire and mess it up because
I don't have a fine enough tool or technique.

Start over

Any tips or sure fire favorite tool?


The “old fashioned” technique called for using an alcohol burner. Now, while you aren't going to go out and find one of them (likely), there's a quick work-around.

[1] use a can of Sterno. Its alcohol. Works gret.
[2] Use a metal thimble (sewing) ½ full of rubbing alcohol. Light it, use it.

Either way works fine. I use the metal thimble method, myself. To put out the fire, just cover it with a quarter (coin) from your pocket. Flame goes right out. The amount of alcohol is SO small that even if it tips over during burning, nothing bad happens. Especially if you place it in a wide common kitchen soup-bowl or on a ceramic salad plate first.

Ta da.
Learned from a 1950s book on "Radio tubes for Boys".


(PS: do not try to use a butane pocket lighter, candle or anything that doesn't have a blue flame. While you might be a genius and think "blue flame? = natural gas kitchen stove!", or a propane burner, these have a different problem: sulfur. Sulfur compounds to make the gasses stink, so you can 'smell a leak'. Sulfur combines with copper. This isn't good. Stick to alcohol. It also works for Litz wire.)
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