technics sl-p8 80s cd plaer


2007-05-26 3:34 am
hi to all, i have just moved into a new house and upon searching the garage my girlfriend found a box, which she was about to throw in the skip-when she cried-this thing is heavy can you give me a hand. so me being me i wanted to know what was inside, and there it was! a technics cd player model SL-P8!!!!

anyway did some google research and apparently its a early 80s player.
BUT it has a problem, probably from being in a damp garage and being 20 or so years old.
i have had the lid off and it will load a disc and read TOC but will only play original cds, not copied ones. but when it does read a disc it sounds like a scratched record?
there are some trim pots on the left side of the transport, which i adjusted and it worked great, but only with standard cds and it made a high pitched whirring noise, like it was struggling with every track.
i suspect that it would require some new caps but i think it definately needs a new laser.
i took the transport apart as much as i could, cleaned and re-greased but still the same.

i know that it is unlikley that i could source an original technics laser but was wondering if equilvilent or oem lasers were easy to get hold of?
anyone got any suggestions