Technics SE-A3

I recently came across this 2001 thread "Replaycing an old transistor" regarding the replacement of output devices for the Technics SE-A3 amp, which Matsushita has long ago discontinued. Has anyone made headway and successfuly completed such repairs since the last post. I am trying to figure out the most effiecient progress. What was the best transistor choice? What was the most critical aspect of the repair. thanks dan
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Here's what I wrote you (before it came back as undeliverable):
Well, it looks like the Japanese guy was able to shoehorn in some modern devices. I can't tell if he had pinout problems, but it appears that he did not...

First things first...locate service manuals for both amps. Start off by talking to Rick Stout here: He would likely be able to supply you with the best quality.

This place apparently has a paper copy of the Mk1 manual:
This place has a PDF of the MkII manual, but PDF copies are really a last resort (but handy to blow up small sections):

The pinout of the original devices needs to be compared to modern devices. If they are compatible, then it's simply a matter of seeing if the original heatsink mounting holes can be used.

The original post, which read:
"Replaycing an old transistor"

-had some good ideas and information, but that was in 2001, and at least to me lacked a coherent resolution and follow up. I would like to see some members feedback as to which choice was preffered and yielded best results. Which device (Sanken or Toshiba) or other had the most efficient install and best sound quality? Were there any encountered issues/problems to avoid?

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