Technics Headshell Socket/Tonearm Rewire

Hi Trusted Analog Consulting Team,

Does anyone have any experience with this? The socket has 4 gold plated pins with springs on the headshell side and the pins extend through to the other side(inside the tonearm to the wiring). Clips hold the wire to the pins and the clips also act as a stop to keep the pins from ejecting when no headshell is present.

The existing wires are crimped to these delicate connectors (clips). While trying to remove the wire from the clips, I broke one and then decided to find a cleaner solution.

Are all Technics Headshell Sockets are the same? Are there better ones with solder cups and a different pin/spring restraining setup? I tried to remove the clips and they hold to the pins like iron. I wonder if there are clips I can use, to solder the wires while off the pins and then slide on the clips and then hold like the factory ones?

Technics only sells the replacement tonearm tube with the socket in place ($60 - 70). There is no info on how the wires would attach to the pins. This is only a SL-220 and doesn't warrant this kind of investment. I am looking for a decent solution (clips, used replacement socket with solder cups, etc.). Any replacement socket has to maintain the same geometry!

Got Ideas?