TDA8510J subwoofer amp


2016-06-08 8:06 am

I'd like to use a TDA8510J chip I got from a Creative 5.1 speaker system to build a simple amplifier for a 4ohm 20W driver. I drew the schematic below based on the schematic at page 11 in the TDA8510J datasheet ( The volume control part is from this site: ESP - A Better Volume Control.

Would this work? If, not then why? I'd like to learn! :)


EDIT: power input 12V, line level audio input
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2016-07-25 2:54 pm
i have also creative sound system in which there are 2 ic

one is tda 7372 and other is tda8510j

when i connect 14pin of tda8510j my whole sound system stop giving output

when i remove it only tda 7372 work (4 speaker work ) 5th speaker and woofer isn't working at any condition

any help would be appreciated please

thanks alot