TDA7492 with no decoupling capacitor


2016-01-08 7:17 pm
hi all i was just wondering how is it possible to actually get stronger bass on tda7492 by removing a decoupling capacitor. my amp was connected to a 8ohm load and power was being provided by a 12v 30amp psu going into cheap ebay step-up converter to 24v .150W DC DC Boost Converter 10 32V to 12 35V 6A Step Up Voltage Charger Power | eBay

i was reading a bit about those kind of amps here on forum and everybody seems to add more caps for stronger i decided to do excatly that and bought some cheap 35v 6800uf electolityc caps from ebay New 6800uF 35V Electrolytic Capacitor 18×35 Radial 2pcs | eBay

when i mounted the caps on the amp i noticed no difference, and when i removed the cap the bass was deeper and stronger.